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The Montrose Golf Links in Angus has already been forced to move three of its holes due to erosion, the An aerial map showing where the coast is likely to recede.

The green line shows how far back the coast will be in 2050 and the red circle marks where erosion will be particularly acute (Scottish Government) Scientists say sea levels are rising worldwide by 3cm a decade as the ice caps melt and rising world temperatures mean oceans are getting warmer and are therefore expanding slightly.

The building was erected by the parochial board in around 1854 and was still in use in 1904 when it could house two male and two female inmates. The building consisted of a row of seven cottages, the ones at each end being slightly larger. The long, presumably single-storey, building is marked as a poorhouse on only the first edition OS map of 1869. In 1904, the building could accommodate up to 4 men and 4 women plus an attendant. In 1904, the two establishments between them could house 8 men, 8 women, and 10 children.A date-stone above the door on the west side indicates that the building was erected in 1860. Although the building appears on the 1869 first edition OS map, it is not marked as a poorhouse until the 1900 second edition. It could accommodate 3 men, 3 women and 4 children. It was built by the Parochial Board in around 1850 and could house 28 men or women. A central wing at the rear of the main building contained the dining-hall and kitchens. According to present-day staff, the grounds at the rear of the poorhouse were originally used for growing potatoes and oats. These staff recollections are very much in line with an article published in 1908 by the then Governor, Mr M Fraser, which was entitled These notes are meant to show how a small piece of land attached to an institution, where surplus labour is plentiful, may, by judicious management, be made to yield a substantial return, and at the same time provide congenial employment for the workers.