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The different “body” shape, with the frame-to-neck connection at the 14th/18th fret, allows even greater access to the higher frets.Optional also available with built-in MIDI interface.Use Ginger Page to help with your mobile writing, or while you're browsing the web and writing docs.No matter where you're writing, Ginger is there to ensure that your text is quickly written and is of the highest caliber.Son enceinte délicieusement vintage se compose de panneaux de bois en finition rouge brillant à l’avant comme à l’arrière, surmontés d’un capot doré pour une meilleure isolation, d’un logo Greta en lettres anglaises sur le panneau avant et des petits patins sous les pieds.Amp Details Sous le capot et sur le panneau arrière, le Greta dispose d’une unique lampe de puissance 12AT7 et d’une 12AX7 en préampli, avec une prise instrument format jack 6,35 mm et une sortie ligne jack 6,35 mm (pour utiliser le préampli avec un autre amplificateur).As anyone who has seen Frisell perform over the years can attest, this is a musician who loves guitars, effects and mixing it up.Here, he puts his current setup through the paces for us.

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Ginger works with whichever device or platform you prefer.

It’s an up-close look at one of the guitar world’s most important innovators.

Frisell is quick to admit that his pedal board changes often — new finds are always being tried out.

A choice of two pickup / string configurations are available: The for the use with medium or heavy gauge “electric guitar” strings, additionally equipped with an ebony covered magnetic pickup at the neck position – custom-made by HÄUSSEL PICKUPS.

Necks of the steel-string models are reinforced with a two-way adjustable truss rod.

Avoid embarrassing typos with the spelling book, and use all the features found on Ginger Page to improve your writing skills. Whether on your computer or using the keyboard app on your phone, Ginger will correct your mistakes for you.

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