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It was at this time that talk about the future Palmdale Intercontinental Airport was seen as the way of the future.

By 1965 the new city had annexed an additional 20 square miles (52 km) of land east of the city for its proposed intercontinental commercial airport.

The Wells Fargo stagecoach line that ran between San Francisco and New Orleans stopped there as well.

The only remaining pieces of evidence of the original settlements of Palmenthal and Harold are the old Palmdale Pioneer cemetery located on the northeast corner of Avenue S and 20th Street East, recently acquired and restored by the city as part of a future historical park, and the old schoolhouse now relocated to Mc Adam Park.

The rest of the settlers, including the post office, moved closer to the Southern Pacific railroad tracks.

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After this point in time, the aerospace industry took over as the primary local source of employment, where it has remained ever since.

In 1915, Palmdale's first newspaper, the Palmdale Post, was published. In 1921, the first major link between Palmdale and Los Angeles was completed, Mint Canyon/Lancaster Road, later designated U. In 1933, the United States government established Muroc Air Base (from an original founder's name, Effie Corum, spelled backwards) six miles (10 km) north of Lancaster in Kern County, now known as Edwards Air Force Base.

They also bought Palmdale Airport in 1952 and established an aerospace development and testing facility called United States Air Force Plant 42.

As the population of Palmdale began to increase after relocation, water became scarce, until November 5, 1913 when the California – Los Angeles Aqueduct system was completed finally by William Mulholland, bringing water from the Owens Valley into Los Angeles County.

During this period, crops of apples, pears and alfalfa became plentiful. Completion of this road caused the local agricultural industry to flourish and was the first major step towards defining the metropolis that exists today. Agriculture continued to be the foremost industry for Palmdale and its northern neighbor Lancaster until the outbreak of World War II.At Marriott International we make coming together easier starting from the minute you book.