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20-Sep-2017 14:38

It takes a step-by-step approach by first showing you the stroke sequence as well as how to write each stroke.Then, it prompts learners to write accordingly and repeat.We tried it out and found that it was indeed very suited for 6 to 8 years old kids.

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A very comprehensive app that utilises a space repetition algorithm that shows you when you learnt the word and how well you learnt it. Prompts come in the form of Hanyu Pinyin, english translations and chinese sentences. If you want a challenge, you can write the Chinese characters from scratch (without stroke guides) but can easily turn them on and off with a press of a button.

Some of the recommended apps have features like explanation (meaning and understanding) of Chinese Characters while others use effective methods for practice (spaced repetition).

Others use games to encourage and motivate learners to progress more.

In our last post on recommended general Chinese learning apps, some had writing features but none were specific to learning writing.

Amongst those that truly focused on Chinese character writing, some stood out to us.It also ensures the learner takes a step by step approach to learn the characters by showing how each stroke should be written first, before prompting the learner to write it.