Dating a person with down syndrome

10-Oct-2017 01:54

What I need to tell all of you who may be suffering from this is that I have always had extremely heavy periods that would result in a lot of blood loss. Shortly after however I started bleeding uncontrollably and was diagnosed with fibroids.

I am a 27 year old mother, wife, and college student. My boys even started to notice that I would put things in my mouth when we were working on the yard, but I would deny it and distract them. I chewed on my nails and the skin surrounding them compulsively, it was driving my current boyfriend insane.

I get really strong cravings and sneak out and eat rocks and dirt. I like the texture of different kinds of rocks- They have to be crunchy and disolvable. There was some left on the floor of my Denali and I ate it. I know it is probably an iron deficiency but I started taking iron and it didn't help. At one point I even knocked out a filling, but that didn't stop me.

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When cold temperatures are a problem for you, it can make the winter months a real battle—and make overly air-conditioned spaces difficult, too.

In that condition, hands and feet can become so cold that they turn blue and the tissue may be damaged.

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