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Therefore the absorption limits the analysis depth in many cases.- The values are displayed always separated for K-, L- and M-radiation (if excitation is possible).- The maximum emission depth of measured X-rays are displayed and sorted with all specimen elements.Please take in mind, this is also an estimation but all values are very helpful in comparison between the elements, used line series or between different analytical conditions.The operator has only to input the estimated specimen elements with weight fractions... This function is valuable particularly in complex line overlap situations to optimize e.g. It is easy to estimate the expected detection limits.The influence of different pulse processor shaping times to separation of different element lines is easy to study with a change of resolution value for simulation: This is the easy way to call the 'Element Composer': Version 1.40 and higher: The spectra composer was extended for a specimen with up to 30 elements.Then simple select the wished line from the menu: X-ray line positions and heights can be indicated or be simulated as line marks and also as calculated peak series in a spectrum window.Dependent from the excitation conditions, the spectral distribution of the Bremssrahlung is computed.

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It is possible to look for all lines or omit the escape lines (e.g. By changing the search window (standard -100 e V), the matched elements changes immediately.

Finally a complete simulation (theoretical computation) of the measured spectrum including pulse statistics and artefacts (e.g.

Escape-effect) is possible in dependence of excitation conditions and detector parameters: Additionally, overlays of two elements and detection limits can be simulated with given excitation conditions.

For analysis depth also absorption of low energy X-rays is considered.

Low energy X-rays are possible to excite in depth, but is very often not able to leave the specimen.Therefore it is possible to select optimum line series in regard of analytical tasks for each element.

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