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From April to July 1943 VF-11 downed 55 enemy aircraft in aerial combat at Guadalcanal. From then until February 1945 the squadron engaged in strike and air-to-air combat missions resulting in the shoot down of 102 enemy aircraft with dozens more destroyed on the ground.As a direct result of its combat record, the squadron was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.

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3 distinct Navy squadrons have called themselves ‘Sundowners’. To epitomize its spirit and tactical superiority over the Japanese, the squadron decided it would be called the 'Sundowners' and its insignia depicts two Wildcats shooting down a Rising Sun. and re-equipping with F6F Hellcats, VF-11 deployed on USS Hornet in October 1944.

Fighter Squadron 111 (VF-111), also known as the Sundowners, was a fighter squadron of the United States Navy.

Originally established as Fighter Squadron 11 (VF-11) on 10 October 1942, it was redesignated as VF-11A on 15 November 1946, redesignated as VF-111 on 15 July 1948 and disestablished on 19 January 1959. Navy does not recognize a direct lineage with disestablished squadrons if a new squadron is formed with the same designation.

VF-11A equipped with F8F Bearcats was assigned to Carrier Air Group 11 (CVG-11) aboard the USS Valley Forge for her world cruise from 9 October 1947 to 11 June 1948 On 9 November 1950, early in the Korean War, Lieutenant Commander William T.

Amen scored the first combat jet-on-jet kill in aviation history, downing a Soviet Mi G-15 while flying a F9F Panther from the USS Philippine Sea.

Frequently Used Unencrypted 234.900, 238.200, 253.600, 256.500, 287.800, 356.500, 278.200, 288.600, 301.100, 301.500, 314.600, 321.200, 324.600, 335.800, 375.400 - You can also monitor aerodrome ATC, area CTAF frequencies, the inter-pilot frequency of 123.45 MHz, or 127.9 MHz for most air shows.

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