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They’re also haunted by visions of what might come and trying to reconcile their illusions about making a stand for Ulster and for Protestantism with the chilling knowledge that they are in the midst of a conflict that takes no notice of their ideals.What’s more, Mc Guinness imbues them with visionary moments and bouts of existential despair.In this 1985 play, making its Gotham debut in a staging by Nicholas Martin previously seen in Williamstown and Boston, Mass., Frank Mc Guinness scales the devastation down exponentially, focusing on a handful of soldiers from the Irish province of Ulster.Even then, he’s looking at just a microcosm of a microcosm: The 36th Ulster Division, comprising 7,300 men, lost 5,600 before noon on the first day of battle, according to a note in the program.The final scene takes place on the morning of the first day of the battle of the Somme, some months later.As a result, and perhaps inevitably, “Observe the Sons of Ulster” has a fragmented quality.Moore says to Millen, “I can see death as sure as I can touch your hand.

Already paired off are the childhood pals John Millen (Scott Wolf) and William Moore (Dashiell Eaves).In the end, we were not led, we led ourselves.’ Eight Ulster volunteers assemble in a barracks on a training camp: they are all determined to fight for Ulster and turn on Crawford, when he is suspected of being Catholic.Pyper, a mad, rebellious character, deliberately cuts his hand and holds it up as the Red Hand of Ulster.Waiting in a trench for the Battle of the Somme to begin, the men re-enact the Battle of the Boyne, and, disturbingly, King James ‘wins’. Mc Guinness's play tellingly relates the devastation of the First World War to contemporary events in Ireland, and the piece was revived by the Abbey Theatre in 1994 as a contribution to the Peace Process.

Even outside its immediate political context, the play's potent language and effective time-shifts deservedly made it the winner of many awards.Most damagingly, by providing his enlistees with unusual powers of perception throughout the play’s second act, Mc Guinness blurs their authenticity. On the contrary, the playwright deftly establishes the many distinctions among them.