Shadow hearts dating outfit

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Usually you just go for some (link: "boxers")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "boxers")(goto: "boxers")] or (link: "briefs")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "briefs")(goto: "briefs")], but the aforementioned girlfriend left one of her (link: "panties and bra")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to "simplepanties")(goto: "panties and bra")] here as well. Now come on, it is time for you to try on your new uniform!

again, or just go and (link: "do something else")[(set: $locpic to "homebath")(set: $rightpic to 0)(display: "Home")]. " You let her lead you to the next room, where a maid costume awaits. You can change it to: (link: "short")[(set: $hairlength to "short")(goto: "chargen2")] (link: "shoulder-length")[(set: $hairlength to "shoulder-length")(goto: "chargen2")] (link: "long")[(set: $hairlength to "long")(goto: "chargen2")] Your hair is currently (print: $haircolor).

Although she does not seem the least bit worried about losing her job, she expresses genuine regret about leaving. Do you want to try -She seems surprised by your request but then she gives you a calculating look.

"I just loathe to think what will happen to this nice old house once I am not around to clean it." You suppose she is right to worry, you don't have the slightest idea about housekeeping. Spencer greets you warmly and you engage in a bit of friendly conversation. "Well it's not really a job you can teach someone just by explaining it. So if you want to try that $mrms$surname..." Agree to

Although this time it's you doing the chores with her assisting here and there. (if: $time is 0)[Bright and early, that's how I like my trainees! When you are finished, you say (link: "goodbye")[(set: $locpic to "home")(set: $rightpic to 0)(display: "Home")] to Mrs. It seems you won't be getting rid of it any time soon. Feeling a bit strange about the whole thing, you finish your remaining tasks as quickly as possible. Now I got to run, but you will find everything you need already in the bathroom." As she makes her exit you cannot help but feel that there was something strange about that exchange. It's time to do (link: "something else")[(set: $locpic to "home")(set: $rightpic to 0)(display: "Home")]. After all, this have been going on for a few days at least, it would seem petty to bing it up now. Just think about it." {(if: $attitude While you do not mind getting her something to drink, this whole training thing has gone way too far. Spencer and help her get out of the house while telling her, that you think you have learned everything you wanted to already. Spencer declares that her leg is feeling a bit better and leaves. She looks more like a businesswoman than a housekeeper. I have the time, the money and now I think I also have a well-trained employee." 0)[Currently you have ](if: $makeup is 1)[some make-up on your face including $lipstickcolor lipstick.](if: $makeup is 2)[heavy make-up on your face, including $lipstickcolor lipstick and your nails are painted $nailcolor.](if: $makeup is 3)[extreme amounts of make-up on your face, with cherry red lipstick and nail polish, making you resemble a mannequin or a blow up doll.] Between your legs you have (if: $dick is 6)[your huge dick](else-if: $dick is 5)[your big dick](else-if: $dick is 4)[your average dick](else-if: $dick is 3)[your small dick](else-if: $dick is 2)[your tiny dick](else-if: $dick is 1)[ a $cage, keeping your dick locked and out of your reach.But maybe it is just time for some changes in your life.A new job, a stable relationship some friends..these things you never had time for. Today after all is the first day in the rest of your (link: "life")[(set: $locpic to "home")(display: "Home")].It cost a lot, but you really liked having your own place.

Until recently you had no problems with the upkeep and the down payments and even managed to employ a housekeeper to avoid doing all the chores that come with having a place as big as this. With almost no savings and not a lot of marketable skills things look pretty grim right now.

After a while the topic of housework comes up again. It's not the most pleasant way to spend your time, but you do pick up some basic housekeeping skills in the process.