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Treepeople is an environmental nonprofit that unites the power of trees, people and technology to grow a sustainable future for los angeles.

simply put, our work is about helping nature heal our cities.

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The scientists who carried out research aboard Mc Arthur came from many divisions of NOAA, as well as other United States Government agencies, U. Fleagle managed to get aboard the ship and entered the stateroom of ESSA Corps Lieutenant, junior grade, Robert C. Husted attended to Fleagles captain and quartermaster at gunpoint, left the ship at considerable risk to his life to run barefoot to the United States Coast Guard base about one-half mile (0.8 km) away to summon an ambulance and police.For his actions, Hustedt received the Department of Commerce Silver Medal in 1970.In 1989, the Mc Arthur became the first NOAA ship to be commanded by a woman, Evelyn Fields.She supported the Fast Carrier Task Force (Task Force 58) during its air strikes on Japan in mid-February 1945 and during the Iwo Jima assault later in the month.

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From March into June, Sioux was assigned to the Okinawa invasion support group; and, in July, she again supported carrier strikes on the Japanese homeland.

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